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Building A Website: Do It Yourself? Or Hire A Professional?

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Just because we can do something ourselves, doesn’t always mean we should, and this certainly applies to a lot of situations when it comes to your business. I mean, you could technically sort out your own accounts – but most would rather trust something so fundamental to the success of their business to the professionals. Surely you should apply the same criteria to your website? Think about it, a good website is just as key to the success of your business as well-kept accounts; it is your advertising and your news platform, it is where you can draw customers in and inform them of your products, your offers, trading times, your history…it is the gateway through which all your business will enter. 

Admittedly, thanks to the rise of online tools such as Wix it has become much easier for the layman to create a website for themselves, and to be fair, some of them look pretty decent. Maybe you’re thinking that because you only need something quite basic you’d rather have a bash at it yourself than pay a professional to do it for you, but it is a decision you should weigh up carefully…..can a professional really be replaced by a tool?

What Kind Of Site Do You Want?

Deciding whether or not to hire a professional will often come down to what kind of site your business needs. A brochure site that simply showcases what your business does is the simplest site – and often one that people attempt to build themselves. It will provide prospective customers with basic information such as what you do or sell, your prices, and your basic content information. Sounds like something you could do yourself, right?

Probably yes, but most online businesses need to be handling financial transactions through their websites in order to keep up with the competition, in which case you’ll need an e-commerce site. This is going to be a little more complicated to build yourself because you’re going to have to be able to handle payment processes, as well as add, remove, or edit products and services. Not necessarily something a non-techie would be able to easily do. And what if you need a site that combines e-commerce and an application function – like Amazon does, for example? This type of hybrid site that needs to be able to process a lot of information should really be built by a professional. 

Will It Look Professional If I Build It Myself?

Every business worth its salt has a website, and we are all used to seeing and navigating them on an incredibly regular basis. Because of this we’re aware, often at first glance, which websites are ‘good’, and which are not. Website builders are a very basic tool, but they are also the most limited, meaning that your end result, while clean and functional, won’t be the most professional-looking attempt by a long shot. 

If you hire a professional, such as ourselves at Simple Advertising to build your website for you, it can be designed to your exact specifications – it doesn’t matter whether you understand the technical process of it; if you want it, we can make it happen. This takes away the stress and frustration that will invariably come from trying to build a professional-looking website yourself. And that’s without factoring in the time element; are you going to have the time to dedicate to getting a working website up and running while you’re trying to grow a business? Unlikely isn’t it?

What About My Budget?

Obviously it’s going to be cheaper to build your website yourself, but is this an area where you really want to be cutting costs? A decent website can be imperative when it comes to bringing in custom, and therefore, money, to your business, so you could be doing yourself a disservice by trying to build your own and it falling short of expectations. Think of employing a professional to build your website as an investment in your business; an investment that will increase traffic, clients, contacts, order, money…. Of course it is possible to have a professionally built website for a lot less than you might think. Simple Advertising offers packages to suit all budgets, so there isn’t really a reason you can’t have a professional-looking website without having to attempt it yourself.

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