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Copywriting mistakes in SEO that kill visibility!

Copywriting mistakes in SEO

Copywriting mistakes in SEO are really common.

If you can read these words, then you are reading a piece of copy. Copy is a very fancy word to describe… words, mostly, and quality content such as this blog is made of quality copy made by skilled copywriting professionals.

Quality content needs to be shared. So, you’ll want to do SEO copywriting in order to give your blog the visibility it deserves.

Sure, SEO is expensive, but the very basics can be learnt for free. Let’s discuss what copywriting mistakes in SEO you can easily avoid. 

Here are some Copywriting mistakes in SEO

  1. Writing instead of researching keywords.

Many writers make the mistake of writing. Yes. You read that right. Good copywriting isn’t about writing: It’s all about researching. 

As a copywriter, I love to spend about 90% of my time researching the content or the product I am promoting, and then, and ONLY THEN, I will start writing. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.”

The best way to start your research? Find the right keyword! The keyword for this blog, for example, is “Copywriting mistakes in SEO”, which you’ll see an awful lot of times (But not enough to be spammy, which must be avoided.

So, in order to avoid the most basic of copywriting mistakes in SEO, (See what I did there?) start by finding out the keyword your blog will rely upon.

  1. Providing valuable information to the wrong audience

Sure, you may really enjoy writing about your favourite sports team. Or why marmite sucks. But the content you are sharing on the Internet isn’t for you. It’s for an audience with a specific goal in mind.

If you optimise your content around the keyword “Bread recipe”, don’t discuss the history of bread. Sure, you may be providing value, but you aren’t providing it to the right audience. If you found this blog by googling “Copywriting mistakes in SEO” (See what I did there again?), you probably don’t want me to go on a rant about how I started my career as a copywriter. Sure, it is a super cool story, but you probably don’t want to hear it. 

But hey, if you do, why not contact us? We can have a chat, discuss our feelings or something, and maybe I could even help you promote your website. That’s what we do, and we are the best at it.

  1. Not using synonyms 

If I were to spam my keyword Google would give me the algorithmic equivalent of the silent treatment. 

Also, let’s be honest, you are probably tired of seeing my keyword spammed everywhere. Sure, writing “Copywriting mistakes in SEO” is super cool for SEO reasons, but I am quite literally shoehorning it in my copy in ways that are super jarring and annoying to read.

However, what if I were to write it in different ways? Mistakes can become “blunders”, and copy can become “content”. Suddenly, I am writing about flaws in your content that lower your SEO rankings. That is much nicer to read, and Google will pick it up as a keyword just the same.

In a nutshell, don’t spam, or be ready to be thrown in the spam inbox.

  1. Your copy comes across as insecure

“Read my blog!”, says the writer.

“Learn how to give your content the visibility it deserves”, says the copywriter.

Essentially, they are both saying the same thing. However, users will click on the bottom one, if given the chance. People don’t care about you. They don’t care about your blog.

They only care about what you can offer them.

So you need to be assertive, you need to display what you are offering them. I write good copy by making sure “I” isn’t the point of focus: You, the reader, you are the one this blog is about, and keeping you as the centre of attention allows you to understand that what you are learning in this blog can help YOU, not me.

  1. Writing unreadable texts

Conveying information in verbose manners that elevates cognitive assonances is perhaps one of the most grievous, yet most sought-after blunders a scribe can make.

This sentence up here doesn’t make any sense. Sure, it sounds cool, but it sucks. It’s horrible to read, it’s horrible to write and it’s the most awful thing you can do to your SEO.

If your reader has to stop and google the meaning of words, or understand what you are trying to convey with every sentence, that user will leave the page and never come back, which will hurt your SEO.

Quality content isn’t just about quality information, it’s also about quality communication. 

You can write very complicated, unnecessarily long sentences… Yes, it sounds cool and you come across as an intellectual.

But you fail to deliver quality, this way. 

My secret? I write as I’d talk. Of course, I remove all the swearing and the weird accent, but at the end of the day, I simply write as if I were doing a monologue.


Writing blogs is hard, and SEO is even harder. You could have created the best business and the best content, yet you don’t see any sales rolling in.

I know, it’s annoying, the traffic isn’t there despite the quality you are delivering. This is why you need expert SEO advice we can, fortunately, provide you with. Contact us today to see your traffic rise sharply, and the amount of money you’ll make through your online business skyrocket.

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