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Facebook went dark: Marketing in the Event of a Mega-viral Outage

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When Facebook went dark for six hours, Facebook’s marketing team had a lot of work to do. Social Media is great but it can be scary when you rely on one platform to market your business.

What happens if Facebook goes down? Or Instagram? Or Twitter? How will people find out about the latest sale or new product launch then?

The Facebook empire has fallen, as many would say about this event. This article will talk about what we can learn from Facebook’s downtime in terms of marketing your business.

What caused Facebook to go down?

According to Facebook for business, the outage was caused by a faulty configuration change. In layman’s terms, the Facebook servers were disrupted by a network issue, preventing them from talking to one another.

As a result of this network problem, which triggered a chain reaction of failures.

Now that they’re back up (and running again), it’s time for marketers to look at the best way to keep making money even when the worlds largest social media platform fails.

Here is Facebook’s official press release

What is the likelihood of a Facebook outage happening again in the future?

Although Facebook has experienced multiple failures in the past, this outage was one of Facebook’s biggest. We can only hope Facebook learns from their mistakes and works on better safeguards to prevent another failure like this happening again.

It is likely that the platform will go down occasionally and possibly more in the future as the platform becomes bigger.

There are a few key takeaways that marketers should consider when using Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy

Don’t rely on any one social networking site.

First off, don’t be afraid to diversify your social media platforms. If Facebook for business goes down again (which it probably will at some point), you’ll want to make sure there’s another platform for you to maintain an active presence on – just in case!

And not only does this help with maintaining a healthy audience via multiple channels, but having other opportunities also allows you more freedom from what happens on Facebook because if they go down again or change how things work.

During this outage every social media manager in the world turned to Twitter. Take a look at this exchange between Twitter and McDonald’s.

Macdonals and twitter funny during Facebook outage
I think you can tell social media teams world wide were bored.

You stopped earning money if you only rely on Facebook advertising as a source of income!

Many advertisers were left wondering what was going on with their activity and budgets after the network outages.

Many small businesses rely on Facebook and Instagram as their main advertising platform. During the six-hour outage, many small firms that relied on this lost money.

Facebook has confirmed that no advertising were served across any of the platforms during the blackout, so nothing will be charged for this time. It may be a relief to learn that no advertisements were displayed on empty platforms during the outage (phew).

However, Facebook has advised advertisers to double check their bids and budgets to confirm that delivery aligns with marketing goals.

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The importance of blogging in an event like this, and how to do it effectively

Its important to be reactive during such outages, and with articles like this one, we can levitate and attract new customers.

A Facebook outage is a good time to consider alternatives, or at least take advantage of the free marketing you can receive like blogging.

Marketing your business online doesn’t stop when Facebook for business goes dark. In fact, it’s probably an opportunity for small local businesses who aren’t reliant on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

These businesses should focus more heavily on SEO as well as traditional forms of advertising such as billboards and newspaper ads.

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Do you have an emergency plan for these types of events?

If Facebook and other linked services was to go down again what would you do?

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