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Why is my Facebook reach low? 2021 update

why is my Facebook reach so low?

Over my years of managing small business social media, many prospects speak of a decline in organic reach on Facebook.

The social media platform has over 2.6 billion active users this inevitably means more and more content is being shared every day. Facebook made a commitment a few years back to only show users content tailored or popular with others in the same demographics.

In 2014 Facebook surveyed its users on what content they wanted to read on the platform, and found that they disliked being constantly bombarded by businesses. As a result, Facebook decided to penalise those businesses who posted continuously with little engagement, which pushed their organic reach low.

Promotional “Buy Now” type posts were penalised further in late 2017 under additional algorithm changes, as Facebook favoured value-giving content over promotional posts.

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If you don’t already have a very dedicated fanbase some small well-targeted adverts can help build your audience. You may say you don’t have the budget for this? But you may be surprised to hear a small budget of £50 to £100 per month will significantly help your page grow.

Stop Screaming at your customers to buy now and add a little value to their day!
why do I have low Facebook reach? because you scream buy

Facebook post reach tricks

There are a number of tricks you can use to help increase your Facebook reach. Let’s go into them in some detail.

Like and engage as your page: Many people don’t utilise this feature but it has the ability to increase your engagement two fold. You can access your pages news feed on any mobile device at the top of your page 

Share your posts: You can share your posts to community groups. You don’t want to spam these groups. Let’s say you sell life insurance, you write an article about protecting your family’s future. You should look to share your post into parenting groups. 

Mention other pages: If you speak about another business or person always tag them. Tagging them will often encourage them to share it.

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Analysing the numbers

Facebook provides a really useful tab on your page that is called insights. It allows you to measure and track a range of metrics to help you understanding how your posts are performing. 

If we look deeper into the metrics we can get a clear understand of who our prospects are and why our Facebook reach is so low. Let me explain what each of the metrics mean in real English.

Facebook reach low, what do impressions mean

Reach: The number of people who see your post

Impressions: Each time a paid post is shown to someone even if they do not click 

Frequency: The average number of times your ad was shown to each person

CTR (click through rate): the number of times your post was clicked decided by the amount of impressions

Page likes: The amount of likes your page has

Page engagement: The number off actions taken on your page. This includes likes, comments and shares. 

Website clicks: Amount of clicks from any link on your posts or page

You should set 1hr every month to review these numbers. This will allow you to understand how your conduct is being digested and what is popular. 

Metrics are also really useful as your business grows and progresses into paid advertising. This can be used to create your audience’s. 

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Improving your reach will help increase your engagement and website click rate. This ultimately turns into money. 

If you’re looking to improve your Facebook and other social platforms this can be done yourself. But there comes a time in every business where your valuable time can be used else where. This is when we come in

We offer a range of social media packages to suit all budgets.

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