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Get More Traffic Using This SEO Fresh Content Technique

How to Increase Your Rankings for Certain Articles in Search Engines

Fresh content has been know to aid SEO efforts and is still important to Google. Those who regularly update their content get better rankings in search engines.

What Is Fresh Content?

Fresh content in SEO is when new content is available on the site. Google will recognize new content when the Google Bot visits the site and updates its search engine database. If changes have been detected on the site since Google’s last visit, Google will know the site has been updated.

All pages on the web undergo what I call a page life cycle from a search engine standpoint. A page with valuable content gets better and better rankings over time if SEO guidelines are followed and an SEO strategy is taking place. But at some point, the climax comes to a maturity state, and a declining phase for most pages begins. That is, Google downranks these pages. The reason is simple: Google does not like obsolete content.

Fresh content seo

Positive & Negative New Content

New Pages
As soon as a new page with new content is created on a website, it’s considered to be fresh content. However, it is important that pages have high-quality content right from the start. Also remember, adjusting miniscule pages such as the contact page or terms & conditions page is also considered fresh content, but this has little or no SEO benefits at all.

Existing Pages
When existing pages are updated, it’s considered content freshness. We recommend a change of not less than 20%, and not more than 30%. For example, if textual content is subject to revision. However, if a page is completely altered and has hardly no resemblance to what it was before, this would be considered a new page and therefore can lose its former ranking. It’s also important to keep the main keywords intact when updating the content. If important keywords were accidently removed when updating the content, this might also have a negative impact on the page’s ranking. Therefore, content freshness should always be accomplished by SEO professionals. They usually use specific tools that can see changes of the document and display keywords that have been removed accidentally.

Adding pictures should also be understood as content freshness. Above all, images in SEO are often underestimated. While exchanging images is also considered to be fresh content, Google is paying much less attention to this change.

No features
Changes to navigation, banners, JavaScript, and other code-based changes are not considered fresh content for Google.

Exception Comments
The more user comments a page gets, the higher it will be ranked. However, Google rates comments differently. They are a part of Google’s engagement rate algorithm rather than count as classic content freshness. Thus, comments are still an important criterion for Google. If you have no comment section this will not be taken into consideration.

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A continuous SEO process is necessary for every website if it is to grow in the long term. There are websites that provide content freshness due to their nature such as news portals. But especially corporate websites that offer products and services and do not update their website on a weekly basis, run the risk of constantly losing ranking until they disappear completely from the search result pages. Therefore, continuous analytics checks and updates are one of the most important tasks during an ongoing SEO campaign.

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