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How Long Does SEO Take To Work

How Long Does SEO Take To Work
How long does SEO take to work is the most common question clients ask me before consultations.
When explaining that search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term plan some refuse.  Often because they hear responses from unreputable organisations or online publications. Many refer to spam emails that suggest number one spot can be achieved in less than one month. This outrageous to even suggest!
Many of these prospects are led to assume that a few keyword changes and a large number of links from other websites would do the trick. Unfortunately,  it’s incorrect.
When ranking a website, Google’s algorithm measures more than 200 variables. This includes the domain age, links from suitable websites, authoritative and engaging content, your offering vs competition, and that stuff Google called E-A-T (expertise, authoritative and trustworthiness), to name a few.
It goes without saying that to get to the top of Google, including the top five places that carry more than 70% of the rankings, you need a well-rounded SEO approach.
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So How Long Does It Really Take To Get To The Top Of Google?

How long does SEO take to work, like, really work? The solution is not simple and has several variables involved.
Four or five months, on average, is when you start seeing results. You won’t rank for every keyword you have targeted, this doesn’t mean you’ll rank on page one. In fact, the trusted Ahrefs reports that within a year, only
5.7% of all newly released pages will hit Google’s top 10! So that gives an idea of how long does seo take to work. 

So what Part Of SEO Is Most Important?

Google is always changing the rules so this can not be easily answered. with algorithm updates every quarter. 

But I will give you some key focuses:

Quality Content: We’re talking about the perfect blend of high quality for both readers and search engines. Quality content involves strong keyword research and on-page SEO elements, such as proper header tags, internal links and title tags.

Strong Technical SEO: This is all about your website being completely recognized by search engines and as fast as possible. Speed is critical. Other elements like the over use of Java boxes can cause SEO issues. Many business miss schema markup too, this is telling Google exactly what is in your article and the questions you answering. 

Relevant and Authoritative Backlinks: When another website links to your content, those links act like “votes.” The quantity doesn’t matter over the quality of links. The more trusted the source, the stronger your overall rankings will be.

What Does Typical SEO Campaigns Results Look Like?

Its important to remember every business is different in terms of objective es and goals and SEO plans can be different. 

Month 1: Discovery of client’s digital marketing landscape, baseline reports, competitive analysis, keyword research, analytics audit, content audit and technical SEO audit, which includes current state and actionable solutions to resolve issues with site speed, indexing, image compression, sitemaps, crawlability and more.

Month 2: Implementation of technical SEO audit and optimization of all website content, from pages to blogs. This includes optimized title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, internal links, etc. Also, begin optimizing for local search, including Google My Business page.

Month 3: Continued website content creation (blog, FAQ, location pages, white papers, infographics, etc.), along with kicking off-page SEO into gear, which includes public relations outreach and building links back to the business website from reputable and authoritative sources.

Month 4 and on: Continued content creation and link building, typically through website blogging based around an SEO/brand authority growth strategy and guest blogging on other relevant websites, and a sharp focus on website conversion optimization, which helps convert prospects into clients. The website is audited weekly for tech issues, and weekly reporting is established to track progress and any threats or opportunities.

So Whats Next?

As mentioned above page one rankings can never be specified but with the right team like ourselves, we can put you on the correct path and achieve results over a realistic amount of time. Free Seo Audit 

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