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How To Check Website Traffic On Google Analytics

How To Check Website Traffic On Google Analytics

If you want to know how your website is doing, getting a regular report from Google Analytics is the best way to go about it. The reports will tell you important information like what content people are viewing and when, where they’re coming from and even their age group. If you need help setting up this service or just have questions about analytics in general, we can help!

Why You Should Care About Your Site’s Traffic

Web traffic, put simply, is the amount of visitors you have on your site at any given moment. It’s the rate of users clicking on and off of your website. So why does knowing this information help you?

It helps you to understand how well your website is doing generally, but can also help you find small areas you can improve on to increase the flow of web traffic to your site.

There are many types of web traffic, the first being referrals. Referrals are basically how many people have found your site through another site or rather how many hits you get from one IP address, all depending how you have it set up.

If your referral is low then that’s an area where you can improve either on some social media sites, blogging sites or some other community sites where they do link backs to the original content. This will increase how much traffic you’re receiving on your own website.

The next type of web traffic is keywords. These are basically what words people use to find your website by using search engines like Google. These keywords have their own analytics attached to them such as difficulty, search volume. They are also categorised in multiple different ways. 

We have a blog which covers ‘Choosing the perfect local keywords to boost SEO‘ , if you would like some more information on that.

Why Track Website Traffic Sources?

Knowing the origin of your visitors is beneficial to any marketer. Here are some reasons why it’s important to know where your visitors come from:

  • Understanding your visitors better is simple with visitor tracking. Traffic sources may help you determine where your visitors are from and which channels they utilise, so you can better interact with them and provide tailored messages.
  • Track the Success of Your Marketing Campaigns – If a campaign is designed to bring visitors, you can evaluate its success by monitoring several traffic sources.
  • Focusing on Channels for Best Results – You can focus on a specific channel to optimise your results further.
  • Find New Content Topics – People from multiple channels may be interested in various subjects, so you may discover new content ideas by looking at your traffic sources for each page.
  • Identify Traffic Gaps on Your Website – You may locate which channel isn’t working well in attracting visitors, so you may improve it.

It’s important to know where your visitors come from for many reasons, but first and foremost because it could be the difference between a conversion or not. Maybe you’re targeting people in one country but they are coming to your site from another?

Or maybe you’ve just found out that most of your traffic is coming through mobile devices when you were only marketing on desktop?

Knowing this information can help shape how future campaigns are run which will ultimately lead to more conversions. Viewing analytics should be done at least once a month so you don’t miss anything!

Understanding The Basics Of Google Analytics

Google analytics is a web service Google offers which breaks down the data of your site by tracking a website’s analytics. Google analytics is 100% free to use which is quite helpful when you have a small budget to work with or when you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for analytics.

We’ve explored what data google is looking at, such as how long users stay on a page, which page they go onto next, the bounce rate of users on your site. Now you need to know how to check website traffic on google analytics and what it can do for you.

Google will break down a lot of the information for you but it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use it.

For example : You want to find out where your users are from.

You’re a UK based commercial site which sells flower arrangements. You only deliver to people living in the UK. Therefore, you want your website to be visited by those people only.

Google analytics tells you that one page in particular on your site is getting a lot of traffic from the US. Turns out, you’ve been using a keyword which is geo targeted to the US instead of the UK.

Google analytics hasn’t given you all of this information but it has given you data you can use to improve your website. The reason we want to know how to check website traffic on google analytics is so we can have a better understanding of our audience and how to reach them.

How to Check your traffic on Google Analytics 

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here is How to Check your traffic on Google Analytics.

  1. Log into Google Analytics.

    When you log in to Google Analytics, on the left hand side you’ll see an overview of how many visits your site has had and how many pages were viewed on average per visit byhow many unique visitors. In order to see how the traffic on your site breaks down by category, click on Landing Pages.

  2. View traffic box on the home page

    You will be able to find how much time was spent per page and what keywords led people to your blog or website. There is also a pie graph with how many visits were referred from each source and how many

  3. Compare and Change date range

    You can change the date range to compare different days and periods that may be important for your business.For example, how many visits did you get on Christmas compared to the rest of the year?

Note: If you don’t see any data, it may have not been set up – we can help get in touch.

What are the benefits of using Google analytics?

There are a number of benefits to using Google Analytics as a means of checking how much website traffic you have. Some potential advantages include:

Accessible from any computer with an internet connection and browser software installed

Immediate data on how many users have been to your site, how long they have spent browsing it for, which pages they have visited and how they got there (e.g. what search engine they used) Data can be compared to how much website traffic you have had in the past

Google analytics is a free service so it costs nothing to use

SEO benefits from having a high quality analytical data set available to webmasters, especially for those using Adwords

It’s easy to set up.

How do I add Google Analytics tracking code?

1. Login into your Google account and click your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of any ‘My Product’ page [i.e. how to check website traffic on google analytics]. This will take you back to the main My Products page. Click “Analytics” which should currently be highlighted/in blue text as shown below:

2. Once you haveclicked “Analytics”, you will be taken to the Analytics account page. To set up how to check website traffic on google analytics, click the big red button that says “Admin” in the right-hand column as shown below:

3. The Analytics Settings page should now load. Click “Account Settings” which appears below the subheading “ACCOUNT DETAILS”. Then click on “Tracking Info” under the subheading labelled “Property Information”. This will take you to another new webpage where you can set how to check website traffic on google analytics tracking ID (as shown below)

4. Copy and paste your how to check website traffic on google analytics tracking ID into this box. Remember it’s case sensitive so ifyou copy and paste www. how to check website traffic on google analytics.com you will need to include the “www” part of how to check website traffic on google analytics tracking ID, rather than how it appears above www. how to check website traffic on google analytics.. This is how your how to check website traffic on google analytics tracking ID looks like

5. You can then click “Save” which is below the subheading “Tracking Code”,

6. That’s how you setup how to check website traffic on google analytics! To implement how to track user activity with Google Analytics, simply add this code onto every page of your site, NOT onto any page that you do not want (we recommend the footer of your website.

Wrapping up Google analytics

Knowing how your website is doing can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. We get the same feeling when we look at our bank account balance and don’t know what to do next with all of that money.

There’s plenty for us to spend on, or save up! Google Analytics does a great job in keeping track of clicks, impressions, time spent on site per visit and bounce rates.

It also tells you where people are coming from (social media platforms). If you’re looking for more detailed analytics reports than what Google provides–or if want some help expanding your reach online–give us call today.