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How to choose a copywriter: 5 things to avoid

FInd out how to choose a copywriter

How to choose a copywriter – a guide on how to pick the best service for your business. Avoid receiving poor content and scams.

A good website is a great place to begin your business. However, it’s time to establish some written content in it to increase traffic and revenue: What you need is a copywriter.

Copywriters, essentially, are nothing more than witty word wizards. They specialise in communicating a message as efficiently as possible and promote content. The majority of the content you’ll see online is written by copywriters.

Whether good or not, copywriting is essential to a successful business, and content marketing relies quite heavily on these verbose folks to deliver and promote services for both themselves and their customers.

With this in mind, you obviously need to pick the right one. Unfortunately, the title of “copywriter” is thrown around quite a bit. Unlike doctors or architects, everybody can claim to be a copywriter.

Attracted by the high wages and how obtainable the role is, the market is littered with cheap copywriters offering terrible services that irreparably stain the job title.

Thus, you need to understand what to avoid when hiring a copywriter. This blog will help you sieve through all the “writing gurus”, leaving you with the highest quality services to choose from.

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Avoid copywriters offering fixed rates

Copywriting service

“I will rewrite your page for £100 only”. I call that a lie. Copywriters that offer fixed rates for every project don’t know what they are doing.

We know the troubles people have when you have to choose a copywriter. It can be tempting to go for the one who replies to your Fiverr message the fastest. Tempting, but what are you getting for your money?

Copywriting requires hours and hours of research before a single word can be even written. Creativity and ideas are required, of course, but essentially, there’s no cookie-cutter technique to copywriting: It’s an art and a skill, and just like every art, the painter will have to change the palette with every masterpiece.

Good copywriters will only give you a price AFTER consulting your website and fully understanding your needs. Those who ask to be paid upfront are either scam artists or simply don’t know what they are doing.

Of course, those who offer blogs and short emails CAN offer fixed rates, since the number of words will roughly stay the same. But when you need to rewrite a website page… You don’t ask for fixed rates. The price changes depending on what the customer requires and your proficiency on the topic.

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Avoid those offering ridiculously cheap prices

How to choose a copywriter
Overly cheap is often a waste of money.

As previously mentioned, anyone can claim to be a copywriter. People like to thrown around very loosely, and those with actual copywriting skills often drown in the sea of cheap, terrible services that provide the customer with little to no value.

Knowing WHAT to choose as a copywriter is just as important as knowing how to choose a copywriter;

Good copywriting is expensive. The amount of research, study and energy a professional writer will put into your product or service before even writing a single piece of copy is often in the double, triple or quadruple digits.

Those who offer rewrites at £10 within 24 hours are probably just throwing together a bunch of words that sound good. And now you are left with a website that is convoluted at best, useless at worst.

Avoid those promising you the world

choosing a copywriter

“I will make you rich!”, says the scammer on the phone, “Just give me your credit card number and I will give you all of my money.”
Yeah. We write to increase conversion rates, but, just like everything, it has its limits. Good copy won’t make up for a terrible product or poor SEO (If you have that problem, simply click here). Sure, I can promise you to double your conversion rates thanks to skilful copywriting, but I would never be able to promise you millions of pounds overnight just because my writing is good.

Let’s be realistic. Writers are human beings just like you and I.

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Avoid copywriters who will pretend to know every topic, they don’t!
How to choose a copywriter
Nobody knows everything. Nobody.

Copywriting is 90% research, 10% words. If the copywriter promises to write copy for twenty different industries, they will do a terrible job at it.

Here at Simple Advertising, we have divided our 12 copywriters into teams of 2.
Every team specialises in specific niches, enabling customers to receive the highest quality service regardless of their industry. However, if I would tell you that I’d be able to write great copy for all the industries we promote, I would be lying to you. 

Avoid those promising 24hrs delivery times when choosing a copywriter
How to choose a copywriter
Why rush perfection?

Let’s be real: After stressing so much that copywriting is such a research-heavy industry, why would I promise you super-fast delivery? I need time to understand client intention, fully promote the product, produce catchy headlines and so on. Quick deliveries would just mean rushed products so I can pocket more money. 

I firmly believe that discussing the client’s needs is the top priority. Afterwards, we can discuss delivery times and fees. People who offer you super-fast delivery services are mostly terrible writers who don’t understand the purpose of copy to begin with.


Now that you know how to choose a copywriter, you will be delighted to know that you can get yourself a sweet 300 words blog on a topic of your choosing – completely for free!

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