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How To Use Digital Marketing To Get Quality Web Traffic

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Customers usually come to us with a particular request in mind, such as a new website, SEO or digital marketing such as social media, and quality web traffic. However, there is a fundamental explanation behind each item: to build a more profitable enterprise through improved sales and enquiries

Let’s break down three aspects on how to leverage digital marketing and get more leads to make sure that
you’re putting your best foot forward on the internet and changing web visits to enquiries (and potentially sales) in no time.

Social Media Marketing To Gain Quality Web Traffic

“We’re going to use Tiktok! Yeah, and Snapchat! Instagram Stories!” sounds good but its wrong! You shouldn’t use all social media platforms to support your company.
Focus on the ones that are important to the clients you’re hoping to engage with.
Create a message that communicates specifically to the type of customer you wantBegin with a message that answers the need or problem they have.
Keeping things simple, works!
Promote one message in the most important platform at its simplest. However, with your social media marketing, you can be even more subtle by using different messages depending on the location of the customer in your sales funnel.
Check out this blog we wrote on how to use social media for your small business  to gain quality web traffic to your site.

Email Marketing For Free Traffic

In our experience, email marketing converts messages sent to current customers higher than any other digital marketing source.
This is because the consumer has already invested in getting your messages or has already ordered from you and is actively interested in your product or service. It makes it possible for you to cut through nonsense and get to the point.

Quality Web Traffic At Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of making pages higher in search engines such as Google. Since searching is one of the main ways people find content online, higher rankings in search engines will contribute to increased traffic on your website.
When performed right, search engine optimisation is an effective way to maximise leads. Previously, I’ve written on how SEO operates, and it comes down to a well-considered technique of on-page and off-page strategies. It takes time and needs to be sponsored by an honest and reliable supplier.

Now You're Ready To Get Unique Visitors To Your Site

It’s worth noting that there’s a huge difference between gaining an enquiry and closing a deal, so if you’re involved in these three areas of digital marketing, you’re likely to see progress in increasing your lead generation.
If you’d like to know more about something here we’d be happy to have a conversation. Why don’t you give us a call?