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Is SEO really important? Yes, and that is amazing.

Is SEO really important?

Is SEO really important? When we think about marketing, we often think of advertisements … Or a constant game of who can shout the loudest to get people to buy more product than their competitors.

While this was true thirty years ago, the Internet now dominates the marketing industry as a whole. Therefore, the most successful businesses nowadays prefer having customers come to them. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands in marketing campaigns. Traditional marketing does not guarantee results, but digital marketing does.

This is done thanks to Search Engine Optimization. Every time that someone searches for a specific product or service on Google, websites compete to have their product listed as the first result on the search results bar, and the best-optimised website is the one that users will click on – and more often than not, buy from -. Even if you don’t know what SEO is, here’s an article to describe how important SEO is.

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Customers are cats, and SEO is the hand that holds the catnip

Imagine a cat. If you try chasing a cat down a street, they will run away from you, and you will never catch one. However, if you are holding a catnip or a treat in your hand, the cat will probably come to you instead.

The same thing applies to customers: Aggressive advertising and spam will not help you as much as having something valuable that customers want. Your content or product is the catnip, and SEO is the hand that stretches to show the customers how good your catnip is.

Google algorithms favour the best websites with the best content. This is because Google, a bit like a catnip dealer, only tries to show users the most valuable information available.

SEO enables you to go up the rankings of Google and prove to the tech behemoth that you own the best content on the market. which, in turn, lures in more customers that will rapidly come after your content, rather than your competitors’ -.

If your content is valuable, SEO is really important to vouch for it.

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More customers = More money

SEO services aren’t cheap. The hundred of tweaks and improvements that must be made to your website and its content to boost its performance and popularity is a hard job that even the most seasoned SEO professionals work on. However, it would be an insult to the art to call the price tag on SEO services a “Cost”: The best services work to make YOU more money by bringing you more customers with every search they make, meaning that the price tag should instead be seen as an investment with a likely guaranteed return on your investment.

So, in the long run, SEO professionals are actually quite cheap, considering the fact that a good service will multiply your revenue tenfold within months.

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So, is SEO really important?

If someone told you that you have access to a quantifiable way to measure your growth, and a proven strategy to turn your website into an industry leader, would you pass the opportunity?

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