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Looking for a Kent search expert?


Looking for a Kent Search expert?

SEO is a big deal nowadays. Let’s be honest: The marketing game has changed significantly.

Nowadays, it’s no longer about who shouts the loudest, it’s all about who can provide the most value to those online.

Marketing has become a game of competing for keywords, rather than billboards or TV sponsors, and hey, it came with its massive benefits for companies across the globe:

  • The majority of people buy from the first three businesses that appear on the search results page.
  • 90% of consumers gather information about a company before making a purchase
  • Digital marketing gives, on average, £15 per every pound spent.

And when it’s all about visibility, you want the best of the best for your business. You want a Kent Search expert to do their magic and watch your sales skyrocket.

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Search Experts are Born to challenge tradition

Born out of a desire to empower businesses and give them the platform and the voice they need, how this impactful mission came to be is just as intriguing as the innovative solutions they provide.

Managing director and lead Search specialist Matthew Dorrington states the following:

“I have worked in marketing for years, and the industry is plagued with malpractice and digital agencies always seeking the next cost-cutting solution regardless of the consequences their clients pay.”

Matthew – MD Simple Advertising

A patronising and dishonest environment is not what small to medium sized businesses should receive. It’s not what they pay for, and it’s not what’s going to make them thrive. No fear, our search experts can help.

Simple Advertising’s purpose is to deliver an honest digital marketing brand able to think outside the box and strengthen those who walk through our doors.

What can the right expert do for you?

The right search expert can revolutionise your business entirely and make your revenue surge. Why not try for yourself?

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