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Landing Page Conversion: How To Make More Sales

simple and effective ways to improve landing page conversion

Conversion is one of the most important aspects of a successful online business: Traffic is great, sure, but if one thousand people visit your website and none of them buys any of your products or services, then you are in desperate need of better techniques to improve your landing page conversion rates.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, here are five proven ways to improve your website – and, very likely, your monthly revenue as well -.

Hire a professional copywriter

A copywriter is a person that, unsurprisingly, writes copy. Copy is a fancy word to describe the text of an advertisement. “Just do it” by Nike is nothing more than a piece of copy from a copywriter.

However, a professional copywriter will be able to change the text on your website in a way that retains the customer for longer, meaning that you will see a more effective conversion rate. Remember that the fees you are paying for copy are simply an investment, and just like every investment, you will receive a return from it: How successful it depends fundamentally on how good your copywriter is.

Good copywriting is the number 1 of simple ways to improve your landing page conversion. For a professional copywriting service, look no further than Simple Advertising’s.

Shorten your page to landing page conversion

Sometimes it’s not about what you can add, it’s about what you can take away: Remember that users will stay on your website for no longer than nine seconds if they do not understand what you are providing them. Therefore, your goal is to show your visitors that you are providing them with extremely valuable information that is worth their money … And you need to do that in nine seconds.

Your landing page should contain no more than a headline, subheadings, features and benefits, some social proof and a call to action. Everything else is probably redundant or would work better on another, more descriptive page.


A call to action is a button to encourage people to do something. Also known as CTA’s. A button, a form or similar is ideal to include on the next page.
As an extra suggestion, try to link your CTA to something valuable, rather than a transaction page. For example, marketing agencies specialised in SEO may want to link their CTA to an audit. Pizza equipment sellers could link it to the recipe to make the perfect dough. Your CTA doesn’t have to necessarily enforce a sale, but if you provide value, your traffic will be more encouraged to come back and increase your conversion rate.

Below is an example of our SEO service call to action: Go ahead try it out:

Remove unnecessary forms

This one links to the previous two tips: Do you really need a contact form on your landing page if you sell mirrors? Should you skip the questionnaire? The truth is, more often than not you will put things you don’t need on your landing page: Forms are the root of all evil, if placed on the front page and too long.

Remove forms if not necessary. And even when you need it, shorten it as much as possible. Keep it engaging.

A/B testing

Well, by now you probably made another version of your landing page: This new form is slimmer, contains better copy and is probably more pleasant than your older one. Cool, it’s time to place the capture button: An exit-intent pop up with a crazy discount or an exclusive newsletter content will give you the final chance to draw in the customer as they leave the page, meaning that your conversion rate will increase. This is one of the most fundamental and simple ways to improve landing page conversion

Do you need help with your landing page?

Conversion rate means nothing if your website is poorly designed. Good web design is the quintessential of a successful website and a successful business. Customers often judge the quality of the product by the quality of the website, and striking a killer first impression is the one thing you can’t sleep on for a successful business. We can help you achieve the online presence you deserve. Find out more about it here.

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