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Linkedin stories: Surprisingly good at promoting your business!

how to use linkedin stories

Linkedin Stories… we all know how they work: Short snippets of content that only last 24 hours. They became popular on Instagram and started being introduced on just about every other social media. Now, they are being added on Linkedin as well, and this gives marketers a new asset they can use to their advantage.

Generally, businesses whose brand image thrives on Instagram and Facebook learned what a powerful tool Stories are. These scraps of content improve brand visibility, generate leads and allow companies to build a relationship with their customers by giving them interactive content. 

So, with this function now being implemented into Linkedin, how are businesses going to use it, and most importantly, how can YOU use stories on Linkedin to take your business to the next level?

Five tips to use Linkedin stories as a marketing asset

Encourage leaders to share their stories

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Linkedin is a platform heavily targeted towards professionals, business owners, industry leaders and even PR agents. Sharing insights into your own company, helpful tips or creative pointers that add value to your page is a very efficient method to encourage your audience to remember and interact with you. Chances are, you may even attract leaders to your page if your content is valuable enough.

TIP: Remember to keep true to the nature of Stories: you want your content to be audience-friendly and skimmable. Stories should discourage you from writing big blocks of text!

Personal updates

Events? Quick announcements? Clips from funny things that happened with your cat while you were working in the office? Everything is permitted, and the snippets will add up to the value that will translate to a much more polished brand image.

Stories are ideal to show clients that your company is active and thriving, and even more so, they can be helpful to humanise your business. As we all know, customers tend to prefer to give their money to someone they can relate to. So take advantage of stories to create your updates to show that your company isn’t a soulless corporation, but a team of dedicated and passionate workers.

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Interact with your audience

Q&As, polls and message requests, interacting with your audience is awesome to create a much more authentic side to your brand. People love being able to have a say in something, and stories should be no different. Make your audience feel like they are important (Chances are, they are). Soon enough they’ll turn into a loyal following happy to give you more money.

Important announcements

Stories can give you more airtime with your audience. Therefore, you can use stories to do a lot more than providing that extra value. You can teach your audience about your business as well. Share all your important updates. Such as new products, price changes (discounts!) or similar, and you will have a much more engaged audience. Share things such as recruitment opportunities for more candidates too.

You should see Linkedin Stories as more casual than standard posts. However, never fill your story with useless information or things that provide no value. Always keep a goal in mind, and provide value, always. 

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