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Why Kent Businesses are WINNING the Marketing Game!

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You are probably looking for some professional Maidstone based agencies to help you with your marketing endeavours. For sure, you must have heard it all. How awesome Marketing in Maidstone is, and why it is the best thing after sliced bread.

I wouldn’t know, of course, due to my gluten-free diet, but I do know that SEO is pretty darn awesome. It’s like the future of digital marketing, but today, and it all revolves around making your content look nice and pretty for Mr Google.

Ok, let’s not waste any more time. If you stumbled on this blog, you are probably looking for some valuable information that will help you understand what you are getting yourself if you were to receive help from SEO Maidstone based agencies such as ourselves.

It’s always nice to make an informed decision – so let me help you with that. Here are some super cool facts about SEO you probably should know. 

Fact #1: SEO can be described as “reverse marketing”

What a fantastic little term I just made up on the spot! As written in a previous article, “Customers are cats, and SEO is the hand that holds the catnip”

Let’s understand together what this actually means. 

I want you to imagine me as I run down the street, screaming like a maniac and trying to get people to see me as much as I can.

Whereas you’d probably see me as deranged, this is just a standard Wednesday afternoon for a traditional marketer – well, metaphorically speaking. -. 

Most non-digital marketing strategies heavily rely on big budgets to get your message delivered to as many people as possible, hoping you’ll catch enough to actually make a difference.

This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to marketing agencies’ strategy. Imagine if your local shop could be filled ONLY the people that are looking for the exact product you are selling. 

Not only that, but you also didn’t have to move an inch away from your keyboard for them to discover you.

You guessed it, this is what SEO does, in a nutshell: Using quality, optimised content,  SEO helps your customer discover the value your business can provide them with. Your content is the catnip I previously mentioned. Now show it to your customers. 

Fact #2: SEO is a long term strategy with lasting results

I like to imagine SEO strategies as workout plans. 

You would never hit the gym ONCE and expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger the morning after.
In order to get your dream body, you need to put in the work, count the calories, grind for weeks, maybe months. 

What keeps you going? Dreams of a better body? Wishes to look healthier for yourself or your loved ones? 

So you keep grinding, and, a few months after, you look at the mirror and you feel proud of who you’ve become. You stuck to the plan, you put the work in, you lifted all the weights you had to lift.

The same concept can be applied to search engine optimisation strategies. Our kent based SEO experts will create a long-term plan for your business. 

Put the content in, optimise your website, share it on social media… The results are slow to see, and sometimes, it can take three months or more before anything starts showing up. 

But when it does… Oh boy, it never stops.

You can expect a sudden increase in traffic that will never stop. You can expect the results of your SEO strategy, such as increased traffic and revenue, to last even after you are done with your local SEO agency.

Fact #3: But you can get started for free

Don’t believe those asking for upfront fees and that kind of garbage! An SEO audit can help you understand issues running through your websites, such as speed, keyword density and even optimal loading times. 

It should cost nothing to you. The best information on the planet is free, thanks to the internet. And information relevant to YOU is available within 30 seconds, thanks to this SEO audit you can fill out down here:

Fact #4: You can reach your entire target audience in one search

Wouldn’t it be nice to call every single person in your target audience at once? That’s like, every cold caller’s most intimate dream. 

Well, sorry to break it to you, but there is no way to call everyone at once. However, you can do the next best thing, and that is SEO. You can create a piece of content, such as this one, that people will look for, making sure you are reaching your target audience in no time.

Let’s take a look at an example. You.

Did you reach this piece of content by looking at the keyword “SEO Maidstone”? If you did, and you stumbled here, that is quite literally a prime example of what SEO can do for you. Impressed?
Understand how to make your content a lot more optimised here:

Learn how to make your blog more SEO friendly.

Common mistakes that kill your visibility

Turning your page into a lead converting machine

Fact #5: It is a Zero BS system to gain exposure

Let’s be frank. Nowadays, if you have a business, you need a website. And not just a one-page info page, you need a perfectly executed website. You need the best content, the best copy, the best user experience, the best optimisation for website speed. 

The list goes on and on and on. 

If you are keen on being seen on the web, you need SEO to create a thriving brand identity. As we have discussed in one of our blogs, creating content is the key to creating brand identity. But creating the perfect solution to your customers’ problem is only half the battle if no one is there to actually look at it. 

That is where SEO comes in. 


Contact us to reach the full potential of your website. We specialise in helping you drive quality traffic to your websites, and are happy to oblige. Get your free audit here.