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Mark Zuckerberg Announces In-App business Directory For WhatsApp

What’s app business directory

What’s the last time you used a phone book? If it was in the past five years, then chances are that your finger is hovering over “delete.” The Yellow Pages have been replaced by Google and other search engines, but Facebook may be looking to bring them back with their new What’s App feature.

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced what’s app are building a modern day yellow pages where you can look up local business within the app. The WhatsApp business directory, this update is set to be launched in São Paulo today and if successful should be in the UK very soon.

WhatsApp announce in app business directory, mark zuckerberg

This new feature is a direct competition to Google as it will allow you to search for local business within the WhatsApp business directory, see their profile and call them directly from the app without having to go via map apps. This update comes at a time when Facebook has been under fire by businesses after they found out that organic reach on posts were declining due too many algorithm updates

“This could be … the primary way that people start a commerce process in WhatsApp,” Matt Idema, Facebook’s vice president of business messaging, said in an interview this week.

WhatsApp said the new test would include thousands of businesses in categories like food, retail and local services .

“We’ve been focused on how we can help businesses engage with consumers better using WhatsApp,” he added. “In order for that consumer messaging experience to work really well”

Last year what’s app introduced messaging for business the next step is the in app is the most WhatsApp business directory. The team at simple advertising are monitoring this update closely so we can implement WhatsApp SEO as soon as it is possible.

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