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B2B Digital Marketing Strategies How To Grow Your Blogs Traffic

B2b Sales leads

How many conversations with prospects do you need to have each month to remain profitable and generate B2B sales leads?

This the fundamental question you need to ask yourself in order to recognise your own marketing strategies.

To quote Barnaby Wynter ‘You should always give away everything you know’ But why?

Many people will react to this negatively and will not share what they know. Are you scared of losing out?

Or will people value you more because you share openly what you know?

Do you post 1 article a week and just hope google sends some traffic your way? That approach is not going to work unless you are the likes of Hubspot or Neil Patel.

In this article, I will talk about how each of my articles gets thousands of views every month and how I transform these into conversations with my prospects.

The same way I promote my customers content. 

Step 1: Researching & Writing Content For Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

Yes, I know its boring! But the first step is to find out what your customers are reading about and what questions they may have unanswered. I see lots of business recycling the same topics and answers.

This is not going to drive you any significant traffic. 

You need to locate the questions and target keywords your customers are looking for. Here is my guide on selecting the correct keywords to drive profitable traffic

Once you have selected your target keyword and has content been written we can move to the next step.

Step 2: Making Your Content Google Friendly 

You now need to optimise your blog for Google.

This is the most time-consuming part of your content promotion strategy. But this step will bring you 100’s of visitors every week. 

There are so many elements to SEO I won’t go into each individually. I will outline the core important things you can easily do to improve your marketing strategies;

  • Add your keyword to your title & to each of your subheadings. I recommend having at least 4 subheadings in your blog.
  • Add your keyword in the ALT data to all of your images.
  • Deep-link other blogs: just as above where I recommended another blog based on the subject I’m talking about.
  • Add your keyword to your metadata title & description (these are the words you can see on the google search page)
  • Get unique backlinks to your blog. This can be achieved by writing articles on guest websites.

There are 101 more SEO hacks you could make, but I won’t go into everything in this article or we won’t just be here all day, but maybe the next week or two.

If any of the above has left you confused. Leave me a message on our contact form and I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to dive deeper into your seo, you can request a free audit using this form:

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Step 3: Email Your List

It may sound a simple one, but hey let me help you rethink your email marketing. I’m not talking about blasting out a spammy Mailchimp campaign. 

You may be also thinking but I only have a small email list?

That does not matter. I have been doing this since day one when I had an email list of 10 (5 of those were my family) 

TIP: To build your email list, offer people some kind of freebie

Follow these simple rules on email marketing:

  • Your email must be genuine, tell a story. Don’t just say ‘check out my new blog’ equally don’t write an essay try to keep it under 3 paragraphs with a clear call to action.
  • Personalise your emails. Nobody wants to read an email that is generic. Add names and relatable content depending on their industry

Step 4: B2B Outreach list

This may be a new concept to a lot of people. Build a list of people who have previously shared your content.

Personally message these people on social media And relate your new bit of content to them and why they may find it useful.

Ensure you keep your message short and simple, This will keep the person engaged. 

Keep in mind who you are sharing the content with as if it is not relevant to them do not send it.

These people will quickly become your fans and brand ambassadors. You will be surprised by the number of referrals you will get from your outreach list.

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Step 5: Social Media Marketing Strategies That Generate B2B Sales Leads

This is fairly self-explanatory, I’m not going to force any more social media advice on to you over than this.

Select 3 platforms that your clients hang out on, focus on them.

You should write a descriptive post. Talking about who benefits our of your article and ask questions encouraging engagement.

Social media platforms algorithms organically boost articles that people engage with. Here are some ways you can encourage engagement:

  • In the comments, tag people and ask them a question about there thoughts. Start a discussion
  • Share your post into groups, don’t forget to engage with other posts. That will attract people to your post. 
  • Ask your outreach fans if they would share your article.
  • Private message everyone who liked your article to strike a conversation (not necessary about the article but to build a relationship)

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Step 6: Question sites & Community groups

Community groups and sites like Quora are superb for driving pre qualified traffic. Both require the same marketing strategies. 

You should look through for conversations happening around your niche.

You should not just aggressively post your blog link. But answer questions. Then indirectly suggest they should check out your blog as it may be useful because of XYZ

Step 7: Advertising 

Now you should promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter & Google. You should keep your audience fairly broad. 

Running ads helps google understand how popular your content is. My rule of thumb is £10 per platform per day for 5 days.

This will boost your content to a wider audience. After the 5 days if your content gets noticed it will begin to get further organic reach from readers sharing your article

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Step 8: Retargeting 

Have you ever been on Amazon looking at the next book that proclaims it’s going to make you a millionaire, You then head back to Facebook and BOOM it’s in your news feed? 

That’s called Retargetting!

You can use this method to capture potential customers data by re-targeting people who have visited your blog in the past 7 days.


If done correctly you will have more inbound conversations than ever before. But this is not a one time hit. your content remains on the internet forever, consequently continuing to create leads.

As you create more and more content you will increasingly grow.

Following this guide on every article will help you generate 1000s of visits to your website and generate conversations with your potential customers every week.

If you want to drive consistent results that start conversations that convert get in touch today. 

Let us show you how we can fill up your calendar on auto pilot.

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