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Tips for content writers to write plagiarism-free content

Plagiarism Free Content

When i go a few years back, I used to sit and write my words randomly, but now I realise that my content was utterly plagiarism-free.

But as soon as I started using the internet frequently, I got some percentage of plagiarism in my content, but I’ve concluded some steps to avoid it.

And we are going to share these steps in this guide but understanding the concept of plagiarism is very important because many people may be confused over it.

So, let’s begin from the beginning and enjoy writing unique and authentic content.

What is plagiarism in actuality?

There are many myths about plagiarism, but it is not wrong that using plagiarised content is not a good choice, especially if you are a content writer.

The first effect of using plagiarised content is that you will surely destroy your reputation as a writer.

Plagiarism is not encouraged in any aspect of life. For example, if we talk about a student, any institute strictly prohibits plagiarized text in assignments, research papers, and other documents.

So, it is pretty clear that we must avoid plagiarism to succeed as content writers or students.

Should we care about authenticity?

Sometimes, we ignore authenticity while making an article unique, like we add some irrelevant and unauthentic information, and it is strictly prohibited.

If you want to be successful as a writer, relevancy and authenticity must be your priority.

Do you like to read irrelevant or unauthentic information?

Not so; how can your audience like it? We need to stay authentic as a writer, and that’s the only way to get fame and be successful in the writing field.

There is no difficulty in writing relevant content so, relevancy must be prioritized, and you can do it just by following some steps.

Tips to avoid plagiarism

I used to follow some essential steps and these steps are enough to make your content unique and plagiarism-free.

These steps are discussed below, have a look at them.

  1. Present your own words

Remember that your own words are your assets, so you need to show your assets instead of promoting someone else.

Undoubtedly, you need to research many things on the internet, but it doesn’t mean you copy these things as they are.

It is encouraged to search things on the internet and find out authentic information, but writing someone else’s words is discouraging.

As we mentioned above, it is somehow difficult to be unique on the internet, but it is not something impossible.

You need to present your own words to your audience, just keeping in mind that your audience is here to hear you, not others.

Start early

Starting early can help you with originality and authenticity because you will have enough time to understand how to stay unique when you start early.

It would help if you had time to read the content more than once, understand the central idea and think about your own words.

If you are a blogger, you must prioritize creativity and keep in mind that creativity can never come without managing your time.

Sometimes, we ignore time management, and we can start making problems for ourselves from that point.

Rephrase the content

Rephrasing is the most straightforward task, but doing it manually can be difficult and time-consuming, but using a paraphraser will be very easy.

You can quickly paraphrase any content by just copy-pasting, but it can be done when you use a tool.

Some people believe that paraphrasing is illegal and a type of plagiarism, but it is not valid.

Paraphrasing and paraphrasing tools are both legal and essential at some point in a writer’s career.

Many more tools are as essential as a paraphraser, and using all these tools can be an intelligent choice.

Use plagiarism checkers

Without having a plagiarism checker, we cannot remove plagiarism because we cannot highlight plagiarized content without a tool.

And the tool used to check plagiarism is termed plagiarism checker, and it is dedicated to giving you a detailed report of plagiarism and uniqueness.

Plagiarism checkers are not limited to check plagiarism only but also the sources from where the text is copied.

There are many tools available on the internet, and we can also download applications on our smartphones.

The advanced plagiarism checkers highlight that you need to make the content unique even if you copied a single sentence from any source.

Quote the text

Quoting can help you free from the charge of using plagiarized content as a plagiarism checker will not declare a content duplicate if we use proper quotations.

Sometimes, many statements need to be written as it is and for registering those statements, we need quotations.

It is not only needed to make content plagiarism-free, but it is also important to highlight something important, and it also has a good impact on the audience.

Giving credits to others will not drop your position; but instead, it can improve your credibility and encourage people to trust you.

It is cleared that giving credits are very beneficial.

Use digits

It can be beneficial but, in some cases, not all the time, but the question is how?

If someone writes “three,” you can write “3”, and that’s how you are not charged for using plagiarized content.

But keep in mind that it is unsuitable and applicable in all situations, but it can be beneficial.

There are many more things that can be replaced to make content unique and plagiarism-free.


Writing something unique is not that difficult, but all you need is to follow some basic steps, and you’ll indeed write everything excellent.

First of all, it is needed to understand plagiarism, how it can occur, and avoid it.

Everyone can know the first two points, but the steps to avoid plagiarism are discussed above.

These points are enough to prepare unique and authentic content to follow if your preference is to stay unique and accurate.

We hope this guide will be very beneficial for you and help you with writing a unique article. Click here to find out more about our Content writing services