Get Paid to help your friends!

Refer local businesses to our marketing service and earn rewards with our Referral program

Do you know someone who could benefit from improved visibility?

Maybe someone looking to grow their business, boost their website ranking or growing a following on social media?
You can help your friends’ businesses today, and as a token of gratitude, you will be awarded for every referral you make thanks to our Affiliate program.

What is the Referral program?

We aim to empower businesses throughout the United Kingdom. We aim to discover that local business you know and love, and show the world what’s great about them. 

The affiliate program guarantees you that your friends are receiving only the best for their business, and it guarantees you a reward for every person you refer.

How much money can I make?

There’s no limit to how much you can make through the Referral program. Every commission will grant you 10% of the transaction carried out by your referral – up to a maximum of £1700 per referral. So, if you refer ten friends, that is up to £17000 in your pocket. And you can still refer more, and earn more.

How do I refer to a friend?

You won’t have to jump through hoops to refer a friend! Simply enter the details of your referral using the form below and we’ll do the rest – meaning that you are only a few digits away from treating yourself to something nice.