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Social Media Marketing: Passive vs Aggressive

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Since the dawn of social media marketing, there have been two types of marketers. Passive and aggressive but what is the difference?

If you go into any Facebook business group you will see an endless stream of business sharing links. Providing no value other than ‘Buy now’.

This is known as aggressive marketing.

On the flip side, there is content marketing (passive). This approach is all about providing value before asking for action, from the prospective client.

In this article im going to break both methods down and help you find the right balance between the two.

Passive Social Approach

The goal of a passive content marketing approach to your social media is establishing yourself as an expert in your industry or field.

You should only post on social media when you really do have something to say. Rather than because you have been told 1 pm on Wednesdays is great for engagement.

With this approach you build up a relationship with the customer over a long period of time. So when they do contact you they are all ready to buy.

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Structuring Your Social Media Posts To Be Passive

Here is an example of a post on Facebook, Lets break this down.

First ask yourself what is different about this post compared to the last one you posted on your social media?

Social media marketing

Its important to capture your readers into a story. This post was prompted after I jumped off a discovery call where the prospect (now a client) mentioned messages from so-called SEO guys in her Linkedin inbox.

I in fact get the same messages despite being in the same industry.

I pulled up Google Analytics and screen shared with the prospect. Showing them the realistic results based on results we are already seeing in a similar industry.

After the call, I took to social media and shared the story of what just happened. I then linked it to some relevant articles on my website.

But how does that work when working with a Social media marketing agency like us?

We have monthly calls with our clients, this is generally a casual chat where we understand what has been happening over the past 30 days.

My team also look at the numbers and results of posts in the previous period. We can then clearly understand what did and didn’t work. Here how you can check the effectiveness of your social media.

From this we are able to form content to share on social media and engage their audiences.

The Personal Touch

You will find once you begin to build more and more content, prospects will begin to reach out to you. At this point, you can become more direct, by presenting your call to action.

Prospects will consider you as a person rather than a business. This is especially effective on platforms such as Linkedin

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Aggressive Social Media Marketing Approach

Aggressive marketing is applicable when your seeking faster results, but are less concerned about quality.

You are hoping for an impulse buyer to come along. They must be already aware of what they need and want from your service. If using this method your call to action is ‘Buy now’.

This strategy rarely work if it is the only method in used.

Here is an aggressive social media post we created after a month-long passive approach. It actually produced 5 new clients for my business on the first day of the post being live!

social media marketing

But why does it work now and not before?

It’s simple because you have already built that relationship with the prospect by displaying the correct level of knowledge.

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Benefits Of Aggressive Marketing

There are many cons when using aggressive marketing as your only strategy. But lets talk about the benefits.

  • You are directly asking your prospect to take action.
  • You are clearly showing the products and services you are providing
  • If combined with passive marketing it provides a clear direction.

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Conclusion, Balancing Your Social Media Efforts

Ultimately the exact method you use comes down to your industry. But this is the basis.

You must find that balance between passive and aggressive. With the correct timing, you will convert more customers than ever before.

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