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Social Media Strategy: How To Boost Your Following

How do you craft the perfect social media strategy?

Social media strategy is a must for every influential business owners: The number of posts you schedule and the quality of your content will affect your website traffic and sales.

Therefore, let’s discuss the only five steps you need that you can implement today for the perfect online marketing efforts.

Lets dig deeper into social media strategy

#1: Who are you?

Who are you? Why are you opening a new Instagram account? These aren’t philosophical questions, they are things you should know before you start publishing content. Do you want your brand to inspire audiences to lose weight? Do you want to simply increase your sales?

It’s not about what you do, it’s about why you do it: A successful social media strategy will be run by humans for humans, not bots: People love genuine and honesty, and your personal values will often be reflected by the brand you are promoting.

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For example, I believe that great people should receive great things. I truly believe that natural born leaders exist and they are destined to be successful, and Simple Advertising tries to empower the small and medium businesses by giving them a strong online presence.

Imprint your values on your content: Are you providing information, or do you want to be lighthearted? The posts you are uploading on your social media must therefore be interesting or funny.

It’s easier than you think.

#2: Content is king and consistency is the castle

Digital marketing relies heavily on quality content to bring in a flock of loyal customers. You don’t need to post six times a day, if what you are posting is rubbish.

Instead, provide valuable content just once a day. Even better, provide precious content just once a day at the same time every day. 

And do not forget to always keep consistent with your style: Using the same layout, the same colours and the same font will forever help you with branding efforts. 

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#3: Whose life are you improving?

Making a social media strategy relies on what every business relies on: People. Customers are those paying your paycheque. In the whole world, you are either selling something or working for someone who does.
Who are you selling it to, however? Are you trying to make teenagers look cool? Are you trying to get the mid 30s to enjoy some root beer? Perhaps, are you trying to sell hoovers to housewives?

Who you are selling to is just as important as what you are selling. Quality and quantity to the right people = money.

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#4: Pick your weapons meticulously

Now that you have established who and why, we need to establish the where. It is unwise to try to stretch your content on every social media platform. What works for Facebook will not work for Tiktok. What works for Instagram will not work for houseparty. 

The truth is, you have to pick a couple platforms and that’s it. Pick the two your customers are normally on and make sure you are investing exclusively on them. Selling to the elderly? Facebook. Selling to teenagers? Tiktok.

Be meticulous and research this thoroughly: This step is extremely important. 

#5: Engage and nurture your audience. But love yourself too.

I am very passionate about using very specific words. I chose to use the word nurture, rather than care. Of course, both would have gotten the point across, but I think that nurture fits better. Just like a child, your audience’s needs will probably grow with its size, and more often than not, you will find out that the efforts you were putting in 3 months ago don’t work now.

Engaging with users is exhausting, true, but it produces a loyal fanbase around your brand. Polls, Q&As and every chance for your users to interact with you is a chance to grab another raving fan.

This can be easy when there are just a few hundred followers. However, as your business grows, you probably will want to hire a professional digital marketing agency.

Fortunately, we will help you when you need us. Contact us today to discuss our social media strategy and management plan to help you boost your online presence to the next level.