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Web Design Process: How Good Websites Are Built

Web design process

Good web design process is key to success for your business. Customers often get to know you and your product via online channels such as a website. It is the first impression your audience gets and you want it to be a good one.

Get to Know Our Customers Needs

To build an attractive website, you need to know what your customers need and what they are looking for. As web designers, we get to know you and your customers. It is important that we know what your needs are, but also what those of your (potential) customers are. 

Good websites are both, attractive and functional. Firstly, you should be proud of the web design and be wanting to show your website to anyone. Secondly, your website visitors should be able to navigate easily and find what they are looking for quickly. 

Having web design that draws attention is essential. That is why the relationship between a professional web designer and our clients is vital. Good communication, well-aligned expectations, and clear deadlines are indispensable. 

The Web Design Process: Wireframes

Now that we know you and your customers, we can get to work. The first step of the web design process is the wireframe. To make sure you and your web designer are on the same page, he or she designs a proposed site layout. 

When you build a house, the architect designs a building plan. When you build a website, the web designer creates a wireframe graph during the web design process. The wireframe will be the skeleton of your web design, Its the blue print. It is important that in this phase, you make clear what you like and do not like about the proposed layout. 

Developing the Website

Next, our web designers get to work for real. They take the plan and develop the entire website from a to z. 

Both, the back end and the front end of your website are developed in this phase. Web design does not only consists of what your customers see. Also behind the scenes, there is a structure to be developed so you as a business owner can easily change, adapt or add pages, products, and pictures to your website. It is important that this is a workable and well-structured environment. 

The web designer checks if you are happy and ready to do the final check. 

Testing the Website

Even though you cannot wait to launch your new site and to show everyone the new look, it is important that your website is tested first. We check if the site is working well on different browsers. We test Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox for peace of mind that everything is functioning perfectly. Then we check if all the internal and external links are correct and if every picture is in place and every button works.

Go Live!

Now it is time for your website to go live. Everything is double-checked. This is the moment we all have been waiting for. 

Make sure you do not let this moment pass by unnoticed. Everyone should be aware that your new website is about to launch. Share it with your network, talk about it with everyone you know and post it on your social media channels and that of your business. Celebrate this moment as if it is the birth of a new baby. This will generate curiosity and attract new potential customers. Let’s go! 

Start building your website and attract your ideal customers. Get in touch with our web designers now!