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How much do websites cost per month?

websites cost per month

How much do websites cost per month? Such an open-ended question can only be answered in a similar fashion: A certain amount of money.

There are plenty of factors to consider through every single step of launching a website, and costs tend to change depending on your choices.

The greatest websites cost per month

Whenever launching a new website, your greatest cost will likely come from a web developer. Websites are labour intensive and can take weeks or even months to create, meaning that the size of your website directly affects its cost. 

On average, expect to spend approximately £300 on a small-sized website, and even beyond £4,000 on a larger one. This is without accommodating other costs that come with building a website, such as effective UX design or compelling content and copywriting.

So yeah, websites are normally fairly expensive, but just like most marketing tools, the return on investment is huge.

As the old saying goes, you have got to spend money to make money.

With this in mind, let’s go over how much do websites cost per month. All numbers used here are just approximations, and these will likely change depending on your needs.

Domain name cost per year

You can get a domain name for as little as 99p for a year, but once the special offer is over, the average industry price is around £10 per domain. We use Wesh UK to purchase domains.

Of course, the extension of your domain name will affect its price. Websites ending in cu.cc are free, but they have a bad reputation. On the other hand, websites ending in .com, or .co.uk are normally really good, but they come with hefty price tags.

Final answer: Approximately £10 a year, or £0.84 a month.

Website software cost per month

Has your website been built in Wix or WordPress? 

WordPress websites are free, once launched, while visual website builders, such as Wix or Squarespace can come with monthly fees – Normally starting at £16 per month. We offer a done for you website building service.

P.S. Visual builders are normally harder to rank through SEO due to the extensive coding behind visual builders, making them not an idea choice for businesses of any size.

Final answer: £16 (or free if you use WordPress. WordPress is normally your best option)

Plugins cost per month

Some plugins come with expenses. Website builder Elementor comes with different price plans that go as high as £700 a year, and there are several other plugins you may need for safety and those odd jobs you may want to automate.

The truth is, there is no definite answer to how much your plugins may cost. It could literally be free if you don’t need any, or hundreds a month if you need several plugins.

For sake of argument, let’s just assume you need at least one premium plugin with your website. That will come at approximately £10 a month.

Final answer: £10 a month (or a lot higher, or nothing at all)

Hosting websites cost per month

Hosting is nothing more than the digital equivalent of rent. You are essentially paying for a chunk of broadband in order to enjoy a faster and healthier website. 

Visual builders such as Wix and Squarespace have their hosting fees integrated into the monthly installations you’ll be paying, which is not the case with WordPress.

Hosting can start as cheap as £2 a month, but as your website generates more traffic (which will be the case, if you use SEO services), your rent will go up since you need to host more people in your home.

Final answer: approximately £5 a month (More as you grow) We recommend Wesh UK

External resources

If you rely heavily on newsletters to make sales, you may want to consider buying email marketing tools such as Mailchimp. Those who frequently have to change small bits on their page may want to hire graphic designers.

External resources normally aren’t a financial burden, since most resources out there are free, but hey, they can really start adding up. And you are left to pay the bill.

SEO services

This is optional but greatly advantageous. What’s the point in creating a website if nobody is there to look at it?

The right SEO specialist will help you gain a lot more traction, gain a lot more exposure, sales and even authority in your industry.

SEO is normally quite expensive (To understand the logic behind pricings, check out this blog), but Simple Advertising is one of the most accessible services on the market. Contact us today.

Final answer: From £100 to £3,000 a month (the higher, the higher your ROI) Why not try a free seo audit

Web care

A messy, broken website is worse than having no website at all. Web care is one wonderful tool you can use to make sure things are fully functioning, 24/7, and your security and updates are top-notch. 

We offer a WordPress Care service that you’ll find greatly beneficial to your business (and a massive time saver)
Final answer: £49 a month Find out more