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What Is The Next Big Social Media Platform 2021?

The next big social media platform

There are plenty of reasons why you should know what is the next big social media platform 2021.

What is the next big social media platform 2021? Users, just like brands, compete with one another to achieve dominance over the platform. The biggest brands will sponsor users with the biggest following, and as social media platforms rise and fall in popularity, user engagement and the amount of profit that can be generated from them follows.
You should be conscientious with your marketing budget. This means investing in platforms that are surging in popularity. Although it’s a risk, this could be the make or break factor in your advertising campaign’s success.

There’s a problem you need to resolve, however. Already well established social networks will already sport a ton of competitiveness. You want your content challenged as little as possible!

Thus, it’s obvious you should be investing in social media platforms that are rising in popularity through 2021. Let’s examine the biggest and fastest-growing social media platforms available today.

Now, let’s meet the platforms most likely to become the next big social media platform 2021.


The next big social media platform
Tiktok just keeps growing!

The next big social media platform of 2021 might be the popular video-sharing platform. Tiktok is particularly attractive to the under the 30s like more than every other current social media available today.
With one billion monthly users and nearly three billion downloads on the App Store, Tiktok’s ability to lure in the younger generation with its user-friendly video editing software and the funny dance challenges turned the app into a streaming king in a bit less than 5 years.
The platform is still growing despite the lockdown-produced surge in popularity throughout 2020; 2021 might just as well be the year where Tiktok grows to be more popular than Facebook.

Are you promoting to younger audiences? Then, Tiktok is your best bet. In the same way, avoid Facebook. We all know that younger audiences will call you a “grandpa” for that.


The next big social media platform
Twitter is launching new exciting features.

A ton of new features and its promise to include more ways to promote brands may be turning the mountain bluebird of the internet into a marketing asset to be reckoned with.

2020’s Twitter Spaces is an exciting new feature that promises to be a very audio-centred aspect of the platform. Can Twitter become the king of podcasts, music, live debates and even become the next big social media platform of 2021 thanks to new interesting marketing opportunities?

This upcoming feature is an exciting promise which leaves us curious with how Twitter is changing and improving.


The next big social media platform
An interesting platform competing against some big names

With 50 million users in 2020, this recent platform revolves heavily around video calls and the users’ desire to express themselves thanks to a plethora of stickers and filters that can be used while interacting with up to 7 other people during a shared video call.

The platform competes against bigger brands such as Snapchat and Zoom, but we believe that, with some creativity on the developers’ side, the platform could grow into a fun way to chat with your friends or meet new people.

Conclusion on the Next big social media platform 2021

Do you want to become the next famous social media star? Are you are simply looking for a reliable platform where you can share your brand?

We advise you to study the ins and outs of social media marketing. You should also be producing engaging and effective content.

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