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Why is brand image important?

Why is brand image so important?

Why is brand image so important? Branding is necessary for a successful business. It allows companies like Apple to choose their own price and sell so well every single time a product is released. It allowed people like Joseph Sugarman to charge £3000 for a seminar and sell every ticket.

It’s easy to call it “branding”, while the correct terminology would be “relationship.”

The way you or your company is perceived by the client is what branding is all about. Although normally too expensive for small businesses or sole traders. Branding is the one thing that sets apart thriving businesses to borderline-bankrupt ventures. 

Branding pays off: The relationship between you and your customer is the one key to success. 

Exploring brand image

The reason why brand image is so important is that it allows your customer to predict accurately, what your product will do for their life. For example, nowadays we perceive Apple products as superior in every way. And even if higher quality phones are sold for cheaper. Apple is always going to be the dominant thanks to how strongly the fanbase supports the brand. 

In every successful business, there is an element of relationship: To build such a strong fanbase, you must understand what your business does well and exactly how that suits or benefits the lifestyle your customers choose to have. For example, a group of environmentalists will prefer your electric car that is powered with solar energy to a Diesel-eating monster truck. Therefore, your brand revolves around being environmentally conscious, and your products must reflect that value to create a business image your clients will accept and gladly pay for.

Word of mouth is key: Exploring the human connection

Once upon a time ago, I remember having to make a trivial decision: I had to buy a £300 guitar or a significantly more expensive £450 guitar that was no different in appearance, and since it was an online purchase, I couldn’t really “hear” the product either. Now, any sane person would have picked the cheaper option.

However, I was suggested the £450 product by my guitar instructor and friend, and therefore, I purchased the expensive option. 

This isn’t about guitars, it’s about human connections. A business earned £150 more than I was originally going to spend simply because I was suggested a product. “This product is the best”, and of course, I believed him straight away.

Your brand must do exactly that: Once you get people talking about you, your brand image will boom. Nowadays, I only buy guitars from a specific brand because I trust said brand. Even though it is more expensive, and it all started from word of mouth.

Get people talking about your brand and how important said brand is in your lifestyle, and that is the ABC of successful brands.

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Why building a brand image is so important: Your message needs no words.

Apple doesn’t need to advertise how fast and reliable Macs are. Tesla doesn’t need to advertise the fact it is an electric car. Harley Davidson doesn’t need to advertise strong, old-fashioned motorbikes.
People know what they are getting whenever they buy one of their product thanks to their brand. How you build your brand is how you want your customers to perceive you. 

For help with your business, you don’t need to pull out books or attend university lectures. Simply enough, drop us a message, and we will help you build the brand your business deserves.