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Why Social Media Engagement Is Important For Your Business

Why Social Media Engagement Is Important For Your Business

Why Social Media Engagement Is Important For Your Business?

Social media is as much part of our lives now as TV and Newspapers – probably more so, and so to be running a business in 2020 and not be using it to your full advantage is just crazy. People spend hours a day browsing social media platforms. If you aren’t grabbing their attention it’s likely that someone else’s brand and business is. It used to be that in order to communicate with customers businesses would have to put out a radio or TV ad, or rely on print advertising. But the advent of social media has drastically changed the way that businesses communicate with their customer

Today it is possible for customers to interact with their favourite brands via comments, shares, likes, and views; opening up a whole new realm of marketing strategies, and one of the biggest advantages to this is having a business page on a social media platform is free. What isn’t free, of course, is your time, which is why it makes sense to employ the expertise of a company such as ourselves who can dedicate themselves to enhancing your brand awareness and online presence. As a customer yourself you’ll know that the brands you notice online are the ones with viral videos, loads of shares, witty Twitter posts, regular Facebook updates, and glossy exciting content – but that all takes time. Time you might not have. But we do….

So why exactly is social media engagement so important?

Boosting Brand Awareness – It sounds obvious, but the more likes, views and shares you receive on social media, the more aware people will be of your brand. I mean, we’ve all seen it on our timelines, haven’t we – ‘John Smith likes XYZ’ , and it’s a fact that people are more likely to take an interest in a brand or company if their friends do. In effect, good social media content will do a lot of the hard work for you as people are keen to follow what is trending among their peers – no one in 2020 wants to be late to the party!

Interacting With Customers – Social media gives businesses the ideal opportunity to
interact directly with their clients both before and after the sale, thanks to online reviews and feedback, and of course comments and likes. A strong online presence is important in order to make your customers feel like you are their friend, not just a faceless, uncaring, corporation. Being able to have that immediate interaction makes clients feel valued, and builds trust in your business. This is why at Social Media Management we like to interject plenty of your personality into your posts, to ensure that your customers will engage with you and your brand as much as possible.

More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Advertising – It won’t come as a surprise to learn that social media is a lot more effective when it comes to reaching as wide an audience as possible than the old-school approach of flyers or billboards – one person sharing one tweet or post could reach hundreds, or even thousands of potential customers within minutes. However, social media engagement isn’t just important in terms of its effectiveness in reaching a captive audience – it’s also important to understand how cost-effective it is too. It costs nothing to set up a business page on Facebook for example, but it has the potential to reach thousands of customers that would cost you hundreds of pounds in flyers (not to mention paying someone to deliver them, or taking the time to do it yourself) to have the same impact.

Making Your Customers Feel Valued – I did touch on this briefly earlier, but making customers feel like they matter is hugely important, and social media has made that so much easier for brands and businesses to achieve. With the right social media content, you’ll be able to offer discount codes or special deals, or incentives for a certain amount of likes or shares – and all of these things equal sales and profits. Customers also enjoy being able to message a business directly to ask questions or give feedback, and this all helps with building customer relations and the reputation of being a trusted brand.

So, as you can see, social media engagement is massively important, and those who aren’t updating those social media pages or posting regularly are going to be at a disadvantage. Social media moves fast, and popularity can be fleeting if your business isn’t keeping up with the latest social media trends. We’ve seen how cost-effective it can be, it’s really just a case of spending some time and creating engaging and attention-grabbing content – something that we are passionate about at Social Media Management. If you’re worried that your brand or business might be getting left behind, get in touch and see how we can boost your social media engagement. Read more about our social media services