WordPress Maintenance Service

The Care Of WordPress Websites

If your website is built using WordPress, the good news is that you’re benefiting from one of the most robust software platforms available. But, to maintain optimum performance and therefore promote your business around the clock, 365 days a year, it needs to be kept up-to-date and running smoothly.

All software will need some care and attention now and then to stay safe and secure – even your smartphone and sat nav will need updating regularly to ensure it has the latest software features and is free of bugs – and WordPress websites are no exception.

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The Benefits Of Caring For Your WordPress Website

If you decide to do it yourself you’ll have to regularly take the time to take care of your site so that you can be sure that it is performing well and working its hardest for your business. OR, you could just get on with running your business and let Simple Advertising take care of it for you with our WordPress maintenance service.

Our dedicated and experienced team provide a unique, specialist service caring for websites and ensuring they run smoothly.

App & Site Updates

Your site will be kept running to the latest standards , ensuring it is visible on all the latest devices and operating systems. we will make sure that your website is kept up to date with the latest software

Hack Protection & Security

with hackers become more and more sophisticated in their techniques, no website is safe without proper protection.

Monitoring & FREE IT Support

our website care package includes one hour of free IT support when you need it, as well as a monitoring service. Even if it is a tiny change just ping us a message and we will action it.

Daily Backup protection

like an insurance policy for your website that protects all the time, effort and money you have invested in your site. Daily backups are a precautionary measure that will save you a lot of stress should something go wrong


To make sure that your website is protected to the best of our ability we use an accredited UK host with our WordPress Maintenance Service.

The huge advantage to using a web hosting company that has it’s servers and staff based in the UK is that you won’t be losing valuable SEO rankings, which you would if your website was not hosted in the UK. We also guarantee zero overselling, which means no slow pages or crashing servers! Vital when it comes to the productivity and efficiency of your business, and your own peace of mind.

Even better, using an accredited host costs less than you think; with monthly WordPress maintenance service fees starting at just £49 per month.

Maintenance Package

Weekly App and plugin updates.

WordPress CMS updates

Plugin updates

Website security monitoring

1 hour actionable support

Telephone troubleshooting

Daily backups for peace of mind.

£49pm + Vat

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